Cha-Cha-Change and Transition are not Created Equal Coaching with Jenn Barley, PCC

In this interactive, fun-filled hour webinar – Jenn shares the real nuts and bolts of helping you see that change and transition are not created equal – so therefore, you don’t coach the two topics the same way. If you don’t acknowledge the emotions that your clients are going through, you’ll likely encounter resistance throughout the entire change or transition process.

  • Change can happen very quickly, while transition moves slowly.…this class will help connect those dots for you.
  • Know the REAL difference between change and transition.
  • Realize the three stages of transition – and how to help your client through the process.

This webinar covers the theory, application and oh-so-sweet integration of understanding change and transition.


About Jenn Barley, PCC

So, you want to learn a little about me. I am a goal-setting, high-energy, shoe-loving, facebook-obsessed kind of gal….and funny (well…not funny peculiar…but funny ah-ha). After a career in Marketing Communications and experiencing a soul-sucking death by corporate America, I became a Silicon Valley dropout. I knew the corporate path was not where my purpose and passion were. I took some time to figure out what I wanted; what would make me feel alive; and (more important) what would make a difference. I have always had a strong sense of self and a positive outlook on life. I’ve got a quick wit and I crack myself up on a daily basis. I am wildly enthusiastic about all of life’s adventures. I keep me heels, head and standards high. I went through a 360 hour International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training program in 2007. I was a lead instructor for the program from 2008-2015, teaching students all across the US, Canada and the United Kingdom how to step into their greatness by becoming professional life coaches and showing them how to empower others to achieve their greatness. I am a professional certified mentor coach, a University instructor and work with leadership teams focusing on self development. Throughout my years, I continue to learn about who I am and I have slowly dropped all the old expectations. It is safe to say, I am living more in the moment than in my head. I love nature, being outdoors, music, golf, kayaking, scootering, paddle boarding, pickeball, and having fun. I have lived in the middle of the US, on the left coast and the right one too. I’m currently living at St. Pete Beach, FL and the Jersey Shore and loving what I do. As a PCC Coach, with over 10,000 coaching and training hours, I rock at the inner work, ask the tough questions and uncover insights and awareness.

To learn more about me go to: (for coaching skill and development) or (my personal coaching website) or (for the corporate side).

Approved for 1 Core Competency CCEU by ICF



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