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About ICF Gulf Coast Chapter

The ICF Gulf Coast Chapter formed from a vision shared by three coaches from neighboring states: Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana who aspired to bring together coaches from the Gulf States. Their goal to establish a strong and sustainable chapter, committed to creating support and connection among coaches in the area, was achieved in early 2013. Since that time, coaches from the Florida panhandle have joined this community, expanding our range of professionals involvement and fulfilling our dream of a strong and active chapter. 

Offices and Board of Directors

Deirdre Danahar, MSW, MPH, LCSW, PCC

President | President@icfgulfcoast.com

Why I’m serving on the Board:  In 2013, I was excited to become one of the first ICF Gulf Coast Chapter members.  Connecting with and contributing to a community of professionals committed to the credibility, ongoing development and advancement of coaching was and remains inspiring. Through ICF I’ve been exposed to new ideas and cultivated connections with colleagues in across the Gulf Coast region and beyond.  Serving on the Board in was a natural extension of my commitment to my drive to ensure the highest quality of coaching is available.

Deanna Vogt, PhD

Vice President  | VicePresident@icfgulfcoast.com 

Why I’m serving on the Board: Coaches serve forward-moving people, and we co-lead a process of progress. Serving and leading as we are able is part of our thrive equation. Serving our ICF chapter allows me to learn from inspiring people who do valuable work.

Michele Beisler, ACC, BSME, MSME

Secretary | Secretary@icfgulfcoast.com

Why I’m serving on the Board: Service to others is a cornerstone of my daily personal, spiritual and leadership practices so I am grateful to contribute my talents and experience to help the ICF Gulf Coast chapter thrive and grow. I also enjoy working with a group of professional coaches committed to creating success!

 Deanna Vogt

 Treasurer | Treasurer@icfgulfcoast.com

 Why I’m serving on the Board: Coaches serve forward-moving people, and we co-lead a process of progress.   Serving and leading as we are able is part of our thrive equation. Serving our ICF chapter allows me to learn from   inspiring people who do valuable work.

Martha Brabston

Membership Chair | Membership@icfgulfcoast.com

Why I’m serving on the Board:  The ICF Gulf Coast Chapter has given so much to me as a professional coach, that I felt it important to give back to the chapter.  My hope is that the chapter can continue to inspire and develop excellent coaches in our region.

Melanie Polkosky, Ph.D., ACC

Programs and Events Chair | Events@icfgulfcoast.com

Why I’m serving on the Board:  I’ve chosen to serve on the Gulf Coast ICF board to help create excellent opportunities for coaches to increase their skills and feel part of a community, even if the Gulf is a decent drive from home.

Allison Gregg

Marketing | Marketing@icfgulfcoast.com

Why I’m serving on the Board:  As a certified coach, I understand the importance of connection. With more than 20 years' experience in communications, I'm thrilled to bring my expertise to the ICF Gulf Coast Board to help our members develop connections with each other and their coaching practices. Through this position I will work to keep our members up-to-date on the many exciting offerings we have coming their way!

Brian J. Hotard, CPC, CIC

Past President |Brian@acuitycoachingpartners.com

Why I’m serving on the Board: I believe in the impact of coaching. Serving Coach’s honors, the profession of Coaching and it allows me to give back to many of the coaches who have made a difference in my life. 

ICF Gulf Coast Chapter Bylaws

The ICF Gulf Coast Chapter By-laws

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