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  • 08/31/2020 12:17 PM | Anonymous

    Hurricane Laura devastated Southwestern Louisiana and parts of the Texas coast, almost 15 years to the  day that  Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi and Louisiana coast.   Hurricane Delta  followed  quickly  adding to the  damage, and recovery needs. We know that clean up and rebuilding have only just begun.  You can help. 

    Where to Donate

    These organizations are helping people with food, shelter, medicine,  cleaning  and building  supplies and P.P.E.  All of the following are established 501 c3 nonprofit organizations.  If you know of a reputable organization that could be added to this list,  please let us know.

    Cajun Navy  Relief

    A citizen lead disaster relief  organization,  providing  rescues and  supplies.  It is an established 501 c3 nonprofit.


    Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana

    It is collecting  donations to be distributed to local organizations for  immediate  relief and in the future  will  provide  grants for  long-term  rebuilding efforts.



    Founded  after Hurricane  Katrina this SBP  focuses on quickly rebuilding homes  and  businesses.


    Second Harvest Foodbank

    Serving Southern Louisiana has locations in Lafayette and New Orleans is  accepting monetary donations and non-donations of  non-perishable food and  other supplies.


    United Way of Southwest Louisiana

    Text Laura to 40403 or donate online. Collected  funds  will immediate and long-term disaster  relief,  filling unmet needs and providing grants  to other nonprofits and community partner organizations providing direct response services.


    Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

    Several of  its centers in the path of Hurricane Laura  had to close.  Now the blood  supply needs to built back up.  If you can give blood,  please consider doing so at one the  17  locations in the  Gulf Coast area.


    Hurricane Sally

    Serve Alabama, lead agency for  volunteers,  and donations before during and after a hurricane or other disaster,  here

    Volunteer Florida,  lead agency for  volunteers,  and donations before during and after a hurricane or other disaster,  here.   

    The Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama and Feeding the Gulf Coast. Both are partner agencies of United Way of Southwest Alabama.

    Hurricane Sally Disaster Relief Fund. The fund is designed to support immediate and long-term recovery, fulfilling unmet needs of Baldwin County residents impacted by Sally.

    United Way of West Florida serves Escambia and Santa Rosa counties and has recovery updates available at this link

    Hurricane Zeta

    Mississippi information here and here.

    New Orleans Metro Area information here

  • 06/02/2020 5:15 PM | Anonymous

    Ahmaud Arbery. George Floyd. Tony McDade. Breonna Taylor.

    We have heard their names, read their stories, and mourned their early and senseless deaths. Our disbelief and sadness have prompted us to consider changes we must make in our own lives, actions and attitudes in order to dismantle inequality, be better allies, and drive meaningful and lasting change.

    As the global association for coaches and coaching, ICF can harness the collective power, influence and voice of our membership to champion changes that will benefit our industry, our clients, our communities and the world.

    As coaches, we consider our clients’ context, identity, environment, experiences, values and beliefs as we partner with them in unlocking their potential. However, we cannot help our clients reach their greatest potential unless we also work against entrenched conditions that limit it.

    The continued perpetuation of systemic inequality is at odds with our shared values and vision as ICF. As coaches, we know that change often begins in moments of discomfort. Change begins with tough conversations. Change begins when we open ourselves to feedback about where we are getting it wrong and to guidance on what we can do to get it right. We must act.

    In the days, weeks and months ahead, we are committed to an open dialogue that can open the door for our Association and our industry to move us closer toward the creation of a thriving society.

    As One ICF, we stand together. We stand for greater diversity and inclusion. We stand against racism. We stand against violence. We stand for respect, dignity and integrity.

    It is our sincere hope that you will join us as partners on this journey.

    Magdalena Nowicka Mook, CEO, ICF

    Sara Smith, MCC, 2020 ICF Professional Coaches Global Board Chair

    Rajat Garg, MCC, 2020 ICF Global Board Chair

    ICF statement condemning racism and systemic inequality

  • 05/20/2020 11:22 AM | Anonymous

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold we recognize the impact this pandemic may have had on you, your business and the global coaching community. We are now offering installment payments until June 30, 2020, for all ICF Members who have not yet renewed their ICF Global membership http://bit.ly/2GzAmOh

    During these tumultuous times, the world needs coaching and coaches more than ever. Thank you for your continued commitment to your clients, your community and your profession.

  • 05/05/2020 2:13 PM | Anonymous

    International Coaching Day is Wednesday, May 6!

    As ICF coaches, we are leading the future and pursuing a powerful vision: ensuring that coaching is an integral part of a thriving society and every ICF Member represents the highest quality of professional coaching.

    Our world is facing an unprecedented crisis. In the days, weeks and months ahead we will need coaches and coaching more than ever.

    On May 6, 2020, we invite ICF coaches from around the world to donate an hour of virtual coaching to someone in their community during our inaugural International Coaching Day celebration.

    We invite every ICF coach, worldwide, to donate an hour of virtual coaching to someone in their community. Who you donate the hour to is up to you, ICF is not matching clients and coaches.

    So far we have a 35-hour wave of coaches spanning 76 countries who have pledged to donate an hour of virtual coaching for International Coaching Day!

    Pledge Your Hour of Virtual Coaching

    To download ICD social media posts, click here. To download ICW Zoom backgrounds, click here.

    #givingtuesday #internationalcoachingweek #icw2020

  • 04/24/2020 8:27 AM | Anonymous

    According to the forthcoming 2020 Global Coaching Study, which will be released in September, coaches say the number one obstacle for the coaching profession is untrained individuals who call themselves coaches.  So how to stand out in a crowded market?  One ways is with a digital badge. 

    What's a Digital Badge?

    Digital badging gives credential-holders a way to share their knowledge, skills and abilities online in a way that is simple and trusted and can be easily verified in real time

    ICF is offering all ICF Credential-holders a new, easier-than-ever way to verify that they meet the global Gold Standard as an ICF credentialed coach at the Associate Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach and Master Certified Coach levels.

    Professional coaches work hard to earn an ICF Credential, and the digital badge allows them to share and verify their professional achievements easily with the rest of the world, including clients and employers. Badges provide concrete evidence of what an ICF Credential-holder had to do to earn the credential, the date the credential was awarded and the date of its expiration. Digital badges can be easily shared on social and professional media, including LinkedIn, added to an email signature, or posted to a blog or website.

    How Do I Get My  Digital Badge?

    Beginning April 27, individuals with an active ICF Credential will receive an email from admin@youracclaim.com informing them that they have a new badge to accept. We recommend you mark this email address as safe in your email platform to ensure receipt. There is no fee for this service and acceptance is totally up to the Credential-holder.

    Then What Happens?

    The process to accept a digital badge through the Acclaim platform is easy to navigate. ICF Credential-holders will:

    • Receive an email from Credly’s Acclaim platform inviting them to accept their badge.
    • Click the link in the email.
    • Create an account on the YourAcclaim site.
    • Accept the badge and start sharing.

     Here are some simple instructions for how to share a digital badge.

  • 04/14/2020 1:51 PM | Anonymous

    At this unprecedented moment, the world needs coaches and coaching more than ever. It is an unprecedented time in terms of the opportunities for coaches to serve their communities. ICF has expanded the number of pro bono hours that may be counted toward client coaching experience hours to acknowledge the power and impact that coaching can have in service of individuals and organizations that need it most in these challenging times. http://bit.ly/2YFTjap

  • 04/08/2020 10:20 AM | Anonymous

    ICF Global recognizes the hardship that this global crisis has placed on many ICF Members and their coaching businesses. To better meet our members’ needs during these uncertain times, we are changing our timeline and renewal process for 2020 ICF Global Membership Renewals.

    ICF Global Memberships will now be valid until June 30, 2020. If members are unable to renew their ICF Global Membership by June 30 they will have a two-month grace period. If they are unable to renew by August 31, 2020, they will lose access to your Member Benefits on that date.

    ICF Global is pleased to announce an installment payment option to all renewing members globally is coming soon.  If you have not already renewed your ICF Membership when this option launches ICF Global will email you at that time. 

    If an ICF Member selects the installment payment option, they will pay half of their renewal fee right away. We will automatically charge their credit card for the second half of their payment 90 days later.

    Renew Now

    Note: If you have already renewed or joined as a new member in 2020, your ICF Global Membership will not expire until March 31, 2021.

  • 03/19/2020 3:10 PM | Anonymous

    ICF Gulf Coast Chapter marked the 25th Anniversary of ICF Global with Anik Clemens, Regional Development Manager North America, ICF Professional Coaches. Anik  shared details about ICF Chapters' COVID-19 Coaches  Support Groups, and ICF Global’s COVID1-9  response.  

    Watch the webinar here.

    ICF’s COVID-19 We Care resource page is here

    ICF Chapters' COVID-19 Coaches Support Groups

    Looking ahead to the time when the acute crisis we are all in is behind us, she also gave us a look into what is ahead for the organization as it continues to move forward its vision of supporting the expansion of the global coaching profession. 

    • ICF's New Six Family Organizations
    • Updates to the Core Competency Model
    • Changes to the Code of Ethics
    • ICF's Vision for 2020 and Beyond
  • 03/12/2020 3:04 PM | Anonymous

    COVID-19 and its implications have shaken many of us.  A global pandemic and the associated ripple effects on our clients, our communities, families and selves can be down right scary.  This is a time to draw both our system one, emotional/compassionate thinking and our system two logical/analytical  thinking.  I'm a professional coach, and like many of you coaching is a career evolution for me, my background has deep roots in social work and public health.  I'm grateful for the perspective taking that has afforded me in terms of community,  wellbeing and the practical realities of confronting the as yet unknown related to the now. 

    As you likely know ICF Global has developed a COVID-19 resource page for the ICF community, available at coachfederation.org/wecare.  New resources will be added to this page frequently, and we encourage you to bookmark the page and visit often. 

    Take the precautions you need to for your wellbeing , that of your family,  your  community and your clients.  For example, you may consider shifting to a virtual platform for meetings. Be that telephone or video.  The We Care landing page on the ICF website has a section on shifting to a virtual platform.   There are also  resources on supporting your clients and for self-care.

    Finally,  I invite you to watch:  A message from Magdalena Nowicka Mook.mp4

     Be well, be wise and be kind,

    Deirdre Danahar,  MSW, MPH, LCSW, PCC
    ICF Gulf Coast President

  • 03/11/2020 3:18 PM | Anonymous

    Many of us joined this profession because we’re passionate about helping our clients become the best version of themselves. As a trained coach, I know that ICF Membership helps me be the best version of myself, both personally and professionally.

    As ICF Members, we each represent the highest quality of professional coaching. Together with our colleagues around the world, we are raising the standard for our industry.

    Locally, I’m excited about what 2020 has in store for those of us who choose to rejoin ICF for another year:

    • Continuing education monthly web conferences each worth 1–1.5 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) credits ($135 Value)

    • 15% discount to the ICF Gulf Coast Annual Workshop ($60 Value)

    •  50% discount for Southeast Regional Webinar Series ($90 value)

    • Special Interest Groups for Executive Coaching and Business Development

    As an ICF Member, you’ll also continue to enjoy the credibility, community and opportunities for continuous development that come with identifying yourself as a member of the world’s largest community of professionally trained coaches. Rejoin ICF Global for another year to connect with our cutting-edge coaching research, lifelong learning, and opportunities for networking and community-building.

    You are a valued member of ICF Global and ICF Gulf Coast. Maintain your ICF Membership by renewing your ICF Global membership today.  Then check the status of your ICF Gulf Coast Chapter membership to take full advantage of the benefits and resources available to you.   

    I look forward to continuing to partner with you in 2020 as we strive, individually and collectively, to be the best coaches we can be.

    Kind regards,

      Martha Brabston, ACC
    ICF Gulf Coast Membership Chair

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