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Stand Out from the Crowd with a New Digital Badge!

04/24/2020 8:27 AM | Anonymous

According to the forthcoming 2020 Global Coaching Study, which will be released in September, coaches say the number one obstacle for the coaching profession is untrained individuals who call themselves coaches.  So how to stand out in a crowded market?  One ways is with a digital badge. 

What's a Digital Badge?

Digital badging gives credential-holders a way to share their knowledge, skills and abilities online in a way that is simple and trusted and can be easily verified in real time

ICF is offering all ICF Credential-holders a new, easier-than-ever way to verify that they meet the global Gold Standard as an ICF credentialed coach at the Associate Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach and Master Certified Coach levels.

Professional coaches work hard to earn an ICF Credential, and the digital badge allows them to share and verify their professional achievements easily with the rest of the world, including clients and employers. Badges provide concrete evidence of what an ICF Credential-holder had to do to earn the credential, the date the credential was awarded and the date of its expiration. Digital badges can be easily shared on social and professional media, including LinkedIn, added to an email signature, or posted to a blog or website.

How Do I Get My  Digital Badge?

Beginning April 27, individuals with an active ICF Credential will receive an email from admin@youracclaim.com informing them that they have a new badge to accept. We recommend you mark this email address as safe in your email platform to ensure receipt. There is no fee for this service and acceptance is totally up to the Credential-holder.

Then What Happens?

The process to accept a digital badge through the Acclaim platform is easy to navigate. ICF Credential-holders will:

  • Receive an email from Credly’s Acclaim platform inviting them to accept their badge.
  • Click the link in the email.
  • Create an account on the YourAcclaim site.
  • Accept the badge and start sharing.

 Here are some simple instructions for how to share a digital badge.

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