Confidentiality and Technology: Ethical Considerations

12pm – 1pm | June 19, 2019

Technology provides a wide variety of ways to engage with our clients and makes it easier to gather and store information. As coaches it is our responsibility to ensure that confidential information gathered from our clients is secured. Not only is technology making it easier to communicate with our clients and gather information, it leaves those same communications and records vulnerable to being accessed by others.


  1. Overview of the ICF Code of Ethics and how it applies to technology
  2. Understand how the use of technology can impact confidentiality
  3. Learn basic practices that help ensure confidentiality

About Renee Senn, CPC

Renee is a credentialed health and wellness coach and a member of ICF. Having grown up in a rural area, she is passionate about meeting the needs of people all across Texas, not just those in large cities. In 2013 she testified before the Texas State Senate Subcommittee on Veteran’s Affairs about the need for services to remote Army National Guard Service Members. She was awarded monies to develop and implement the first of its kind tele-mental health program in the United States. In the course of developing the Texas Military Forces Counseling Program, she became an expert in the areas of confidentiality and technology. By sharing this information with you, Renee is hoping to help you better serve your clients and feel more confident about your skills and knowledge regarding confidentiality and technology. Renee’s passions include sewing and square dancing, she combines the two by sewing her own frilly dresses. She has traveled the state and parts of the US square dancing to many international callers. Her time is also taken up by her three dogs and her significant other, Robert.

Webinar Session is approved for 1.0 Core CCEU credit from ICF.


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