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Christina Harper Olivier, PCC, PHR, CTP, is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Excelerant, Executive Coach, Leadership Strategist, Management Development Trainer, and Team & Group Facilitator with nearly 20 years of experience in the workforce development field. Christina uses a coach approach to facilitation in supporting clients and organizations to improve performance, strengthen operations and reach the next level of growth. As a strategic facilitator, her consultative specialty is working with executive, leadership and project teams to establish and accomplish their goals with excellence. Christina has worked side by side with leaders in the Energy, Manufacturing, Medical, Retail, Financial and Automotive industries.

In my role as a coach, I provide support for executives and professionals, who have demonstrated excellence in their professional domains and are now facing change and new leadership expectations. I enjoy helping clients solve problems and make the most of their challenges by helping them see possibilities, offering perspective, and celebrating their victories. Every coach has his or her own coaching style. My approach:

  • Together we determine the state of what the client wants; the most perfect place for them to be, or the most ideal result they want.
  • I look at the whole picture, and discover how my client’s situation or problem is perfect. In other words, they’ve gotten themselves where they are for some reason. I want to know that reason, because it provides the context we need to have a clear perspective.
  • While it seems simple, I will ask the obvious questions, actively listening to both what is and what isn’t being said. This help reveal the facts, feelings, and preferences, and distinguish it from the “stories.”
  • I share my thoughts and provide words for what is going on. I help clients label things, so they can see the events, situation, or problem objectively.
  • I ask, “What do you need or want from me right now?” Executives and leaders rarely have someone dedicated solely to their needs and with me as their coach that’s exactly what they have.
  • I present, and together the client and I discuss several strategies or solutions—often unconventional. I like to offer simple advice that fits perfectly and is tailored to their personality, priorities, and resources.


Professional Certified Coach

Leadership Excellence Award