Judy Micale, PCC

Judy Mcale & Associates

Judy Micale MS, PCC, CMC, is a best selling author, national speaker, with an international client base. The vision for her company and work is to assist individuals and companies in bridging the generational communication gap and in so doing increasing the team environment. Communicating your ideas, thoughts and providing clear direction to your fellow workers is crucial for a successful company. Learn the interesting quirks of each generation and ways to “Bridge the Gap” also known as “Talking to the Elephant in the Room” is not only a great skill to have it is a necessity in today’s working world.

Judy not only works with companies on creating a clear message she also works with individuals who are looking to increase their message by speaking, training and delivering workshops. As a coach she realizes the importance of delivering your message in a clear, concise manner and the importance of preparation for leading others. If you are already speaking and want to “fine tune” your skills or if you are just starting out then you definitely want to connect with her.