Monthly Event: January 2018

Using Psychometrics to Enhance Your Ability to Create Awareness

Client awareness is an integral part of a client’s development program. Over the past decades, the field of psychology as developed different methods of psychological measurement for revealing attributes such as knowledge, attitudes, abilities, and personality traits. In this presentation we look at a selection of assessments, surveys, and instruments (collectively called tools) that may be used to create client awareness. The reviewed tools are categorized by:

  • Those that assess fairly non-changing attributes
  • Those that assess easily changeable or dynamic attributes
  • Those that collect other people’s perceptions about the client

The tools are also categorized by:

  • Those that require training or certification to purchase and use
  • Those that are available for purchase and use without formal training or certification


About Chuck Blohowiak, CPC, ACC


Chuck Blohowiak, CPC, ACC is a professional coach who specializes in individual level change management for business owners, corporate managers, and corporate executives. Chuck’s experience background began with Computer Science and Engineering and continued with research consulting at Virginia Tech University and at the Smithsonian Institute – National Zoo. His next 20 plus years involved developing people and their organizations first with Lockheed Martin in New Orleans and then with Textron, also in New Orleans. Along the way Chuck added soft skills development, Design for Six Sigma Black Belt certification, change management, and project management to his background. In the late 1990’s Chuck became interested in managerial psychology and, after leaving the corporate world, pursued this interest by becoming a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and by becoming an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Chuck has a coaching practice centered in the Greater New Orleans Area. Throughout 2018 Chuck is conducting awareness workshops for different leadership competencies. These workshops are based on iPEC’s Energy Leadership Development System (ELDS). The first two worships “Leadership Awareness – Emotional Intelligence” and “Leadership Awareness – Dynamic Communications” are being offered beginning in January, 2018.