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May CCEU Webinar: What Kind of Coach Are You? Understanding the Coaching Continuum (And How to Move Along It)

  • 05/13/2020
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Zoom, Details provided in Registration Confirmation


  • open to the general public
  • Essential and Premier Members


In coaching there are a vast number of niches and methodologies, so many that it can get confusing. But when it comes to coaching approaches there are only a few, and they can be mapped along a ‘coaching continuum’. 

The challenge is that within the coaching industry itself there is confusion as to what each approach looks like. If you call yourself a ‘transformational coach’, what exactly does that mean? Is that actually what you are and how do you know it? 

In this webinar, Leon VanderPol, founder of the Center for Transformational Coaching & Living, will share a framework for understanding the primary differences in approach and what it takes to coach along the full breadth of the coaching continuum. By knowing each approach and also what it takes to coach that way, you will be better able to position yourself to meet the needs of your clients. 

Key Takeaways:  

  1. understanding the distinctions between three primary coaching approaches.
  2. clarifying misconceptions about transformational coaching.
  3. learning what it takes to go deeper with your clients in a session.
  4. a framework for moving along the Coaching Continuum that can be applied immediately into coaching engagements.

This webinar will offer Core Competency CCEUs for participants.

**Please Note: In an exciting departure from our usual monthly schedule, this evening webinar will feature an international speaker. Please check the time based for your local time zone.

About Leon VanderPol, PCC

Founder & Director, Center for Transformational Coaching & Living

Leon VanderPol has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the coaching field. He is the founder of the Center for Transformational Coaching & Living, a global coach training organization dedicated to enabling people to facilitate “being-level” transformation. Leon has developed a paradigm-shifting coaching approach called Deep Coaching that invites people to open to and realize the greatest possibilities that lie within themselves when they drop below the surface and get to essence. 

In addition to directing the Center for Transformational Coaching & Living, Leon is an internationally recognized master coach trainer and mentor who previously served as faculty for the International Coach Academy from 2010 - 2017. He has trained and mentored thousands of coaches from over 90 countries.

Leon is Canadian by birth, Dutch by descent, and since 1997 has lived and worked in Asia, calling Taiwan home for the past 21 years.


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