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October Diversity & Inclusion Story Circle

  • 10/21/2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom dial in information provided in confirmation email


  • Members of any ICF chapter, other than Gulf Coast
  • Open to Gulf Coast chapter members, which provides free access to all SIG events

  • Stories are a compelling way to generate a sense of belonging, especially when the storyteller reveals authenticity and vulnerability.  We, as humans and as coaches, are wired to respond to stories. These stories trigger our ability to connect, empathize and make meaning.  It is through our storytelling that we find our way to BELONG. 

    This month, we’d like to explore the meaning of belonging as pertained to diversity, inclusion and justice and its impact on us as human beings and our work as coaches.  Our mindfulness and willingness to be take exploratory lead on these topic stands hand in hand with the ICF’s global mission to continue to be the leading voice for the global coaching community.  Your responses, stories and feedback will inform, enlighten and perhaps illuminate decisions of how we work in support the ICF global position on this matter.  As we continue our work, your input shapes our leadership perspectives on how to serve you better.

    In preparation for the session, please complete the attached survey, accessed here.  Then, consider and come prepared to share your own stories on this month’s theme:  

    Belonging’ in our chapter as pertains to Diversity, Inclusion & Justice 

    Here are a few thought provoking questions to consider:


  • How important is this topic for you personally?  Professionally?  
  • What thoughts are you having when you feel that you don’t belong?
  • How can you be supported to increase your sense of belonging? 
  • How can ICFGC support its members and interested members in DEI as individuals and as coaches?
  • What are examples of when D, I, and B are not manifest in your interactions with ICF and our chapter?
  •  If you are a member, how is D, I, and B reflected in our Chapter Board and its membership?

Finally, belonging goes beyond diversity and inclusion.  While DIVERSITY is related to metrics and INCLUSION is related to behaviors, BELONGING is about feelings.  

These meetings are open and free to local members of the ICF Guld Coast Chapters.  Co-hosts will be ICF Gulf Coast Chapter members Raymond Osbun and Angelica Alexander Defillo.

Your privacy is important to us. Please read our Privacy Policy before continuing. 

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