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September CCEU Webinar: “Generativity is Your Superpower: Celebrate Living Fully Potent”

  • 09/21/2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom, Details provided in Registration Confirmation


  • Open to ICF Global members associated with any chapter and the general public
  • Requires code to attend


“Generativity is Your Superpower: Celebrate Living Fully Potent”

Free Chapter for Prep

1.5 Core CCE

Description: Slow down, get quiet, listen deeply, pause, listen again, receive something unfamiliar – your “blank” (not blind) space -- and be with it, open to what could emerge that is new and fresh. Every person has a set of mental blinders and emotional barriers that prevent seeing the world as it is. Anything that prevents you from seeing the world as it is, is worthy of your attention. Our brains develop specific boundaries in our thinking and feeling to prevent reality from being seen as it is occurring (scary, unknown) versus the reality your RAS operates from (safe, familiar) day to day. RAS = Reticular Activating Systems. To live fully potent requires putting the RAS on wobble, on purpose to let something new in, past the filters. This occurs through intentional reflection: on experience, on perception of the experience, on self-regard during the experience, on other-regard during the experience, on presence and choice in relationship with the experience and finally on habits, preferences, assumptions and bias that may shield what is actually occurring.

Learning Outcomes:

· Discover the mental blinders and emotional barriers that sustain your personal status quo and how to breakthrough so you work more compassionately with clients who seek and yet resist change.

· Peer practice with ICF core competency skills that support being generative with clients to breakthrough paralyzing fear.

· Apply practices that evoke resonance with clients and experience the amplifying and accelerating effect of a generative coaching approach.

 Bio - 

Janet M. Harvey, Best Selling Author of the award-winning leadership and coaching book, Invite Change - Lessons from 2020, The Year of No Return is CEO of inviteCHANGE, a coaching and human development organization that shapes a world where people love their life’s work. As a visionary leader in the global professional coaching industry, Janet Harvey is an International Coaching Federation master certified coach and accredited educator who has engaged adults, teams, and global enterprises for nearly 30 years to invite change that sustains well-being and excellence. Being better humans together requires claiming a true self first and then choosing to live inside out as we transform, evolve and be resilient. As Janet shares, “coaching in its many forms has at its root the effect of awakening consciousness and doing so in a highly accelerated fashion that sustains.” Janet Harvey uses her executive and entrepreneurial experience to cultivate leaders in sustainable excellence through Generative WholenessTM, a signature generative coaching and learning process for people, processes, and systems. Her colleagues, audiences and clients regard her as a bold, curious, provocative, articulate, and compassionate human being. Janet has served as a global board leader for ICF, as a director from 2009-2013, as past president in 2012, as Chair for the Foundation of ICF 2013-2017, and more recently as Treasurer for the ICF Thought Leadership Institute 2020-2021.


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