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Narrative Coaching: The Power of Our Stories

  • 03/20/2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom, Details provided in Registration Confirmation


  • Open to ICF Global members associated with any chapter and the general public
  • Requires code to attend


Narrative Coaching: The Power of Our Stories

1 Core, .5 RD

Why “narrative” coaching? Because we are all storytellers. We make sense of and explain our lives by conveying stories about them. We feel unstable in our new chapters when we change behavior without uncovering and altering the story that upholds our original actions. If we don’t evolve our stories alongside our behaviors, we will feel like impostors merely acting out a part. Narrative coaching allows people to move from actors to the heroes of their own epic tales.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how narrative coaching is a critical element in assisting and sustaining transformational change.

2. Discover how to use narrative coaching to free clients from the confines of limiting stories.

3. Experience how externalizing stories from different entry points enhances one’s ability. to alter their story.

Note: Throughout the session, the learning will align with and demonstrate how to practice and protect competencies #3-#8.


Jennie Antolak is president and co-founder of Learning Journeys, an ICF ACTP & Level II Accredited organization. She leads a motley crew of engaging, intelligent, and relatively funny coaches and coaching trainers representing all areas of business, non-profit, entrepreneurial, and educational arenas. They collectively provide a place where people learn and apply the true essence of coaching. There are no lessons on skillfully advising, artfully connecting dots, or keenly identifying blind spots for clients. Instead, they teach students how to trust the coaching process and experience the true strength of the human spirit. In each class, Jennie and her team demonstrate how coaching is the one modality that, if fully embraced, can magnify a person’s sense of agency and conviction. In addition, they faithfully teach the coaching competencies that help others reconnect to their inner resources by tuning into intuition instead of listening to experts outside of themselves.

Jennie possesses a degree in Communications and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development. She holds a Coach Practitioner and Mastery Level Certification and a Narrative I & II Certification. Jennie also obtained her MCC credentials along the way.

Wait, Ask Me Another Podcast:

By Jennie Antolak, MA, MCC & Tirzah Lewis, PCC

Curiosity is a rising commodity while the value of answers is declining. Pursuing a query multiplies possibilities, ensuring alignment and producing greater options. While many claim they value curiosity, few practice it. We are trained to work off what we already know or "should" know to save time and sometimes save face. Paradoxically, asking multiple questions will save time in the long run because the solutions will be of higher caliber. Please join us for Wait, Ask Me Another and learn how to use the power of inquiry to gain greater understanding and results.


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