Welcome to ICF Gulf Coast

Welcome to the ICF Gulf Coast chapter. We are a growing community of ICF credentialed executive/life/career coaches from the neighboring states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and the Florida panhandle. Our chapter models a strong commitment to:

  • Increase member engagement
  • Provide programs that enhance coaching skills and effectiveness
  • Utilize marketing strategies to increasing the exposure of the coaching profession
  • Make it easy for individuals and organizations seeking a coach in the Gulf Coast States to learn about and contact qualified coaches.


To establish a strong and sustainable chapter committed to creating support and connection among ICF credentialed coaches in the Gulf Coast area built through strategic alliances.

Register For Our Annual Workshop


2018 Annual ICF Gulf Coast Chapter Workshop
Coaching for Integration: Helping Your Clients’ Brains Learn to Communicate and Connect with Themselves
Mobile, AL | April 12-13, 2018

Join us for a fascinating deep dive into the Seven Levels of Personal, Group and Organizational Effectiveness. The dynamic Ann Betz, PCC returns as our annual conference workshop presenter.

In this fun and experiential workshop, you’ll deepen your understanding of fundamental human development, including what is happening in the brain, body, and energy field at various levels of human awareness (aka effectiveness). We’ll look at implications for leadership, innovation and personal growth, and explore concrete, practical ways to bring this understanding to your coaching practice in ways that create engagement, innovation and breakthrough results.

Executive Coaching Special Interest Group

New coaches and experienced coaches alike have an opportunity to leave a powerful impression with prospective corporate clients, but frequently struggle with their message and communicating the value of executive coaching. What value do they bring to the client and their sponsor? What is the process of executive coaching? How do you measure ROI? Even more fundamentally, what is executive coaching?

In the December 6th kickoff we will explore the key components to position yourself and your work for repeat business from corporate sponsors. This 90-minute Executive Coaching Special Interest Group (ECSIG) meeting will be facilitated by Craig Juengling, PCC, coaches will discuss key learning objectives such as:

  • What the research says about how to be an effective executive coach?
  • What is executive coaching and how to coherently present it.
  • Building the business case for executive coaching.
  • What distinguishes you as an executive coach?

To register send an email to our facilitator and Chapter President: JuenglingC@juengling.us

*Joining this ECSIG is a $30 annual commitment for any dues paying member of the ICF Gulf
Coast. Your $30 goes to support the overall financial health of our Chapter.

Next Event

Jennifer Kahnweiler

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D. Presents:
Working with Opposites: How To Coach Introverts and Extroverts To Achieve Extraordinary Results
Wednesday, February 21th | 12:00pm  to 1:00pm (CST)

Do you often get frustrated with the introverts or extroverts in your world? It’s true—opposites attract, but their success depends on how they interact. Without careful maintenance and balance they quickly go off the rails. In this keynote, you will learn the importance of facing differences head on and why opposites are better together. Think Penn and Teller, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, Eleanor Roosevelt and FDR, etc. Based on her latest bestselling book, The Genius of Opposites, Jennifer will walk you through a practical 5-step process that will move your coaching to the next level.

Ann Betz, PCC, CPCC

Ann Betz, PCC, CPCC Presents:
Coaching, Neuroscience and Levels of Human Effectiveness
Wednesday, March 21st | 12:00pm  to 1:00pm (CST)

Join coaching and neuroscience expert Ann Betz for a sneak preview of her upcoming April workshop on the neuroscience of how coaching creates more brain integration — and why this matters for your clients’ level of effectiveness. In this interactive one-hour session, we’ll explore the big picture overview of why coaching is critical to helping clients rewire their brains and build lasting capacity and resilience.