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July 2020 Power & Privilege Workshop Recording

The International Coaching Federation's June 2020 statement condemning racism and systemic inequality stated "the continued perpetuation of systemic inequality is at odds with our shared values and vision as ICF. As coaches, we know that change often beings in moments of discomfort. Change begins with tough conversations. Change begins when we open ourselves to feedback about where we are getting it wrong and to guidance on what we can do to get it right. We must act."

To further this important mission, the ICF Gulf Coast Chapter presented a free, special interactive workshop on the topic of Power and Privilege on July 2, 2020, which was lead by Alexsandra Lantigua, PCC and Grace Flannery, PCC of Quantum Culture. The 2.5 hour workshop was open to the public, as well as coaches, and saw 319 individuals register to be part of this important conversation. 

We hope you will watch this recording to open your awareness, begin your own conversations and stand for greater diversity and inclusion. 

For more about Quantum Culture, please visit their website.  To join Alexsandra and Grace for Power & Privilege, Part 2 on September 16 (10am Central), please register today! 

Quantum Culture Presents Power & Privilege (part 1)

Alexsandra Lantigua, PCC & Grace Flannery, PCC   |   July 2, 2020

The United States, along with the rest of the globe, is experiencing some of the most major crises of our history. We can no longer deny or hide from America's 401 year -history of racism and injustice towards black people and other people of color - who have lived with the brutal realities of racism for all these years. We have not responded proactively to the devastating impacts of climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic. Our population is polarized, with different factions judging each other and unable to work together towards solutions. 

This special 2.5 hour interactive workshop for allies and others who want to be part of the solution offers a bold new approach toward working across our differences, bridging the privilege gaps between different human experiences.​ ​It is distinguished from most other curricula in several important ways:

  • Addresses the multi-faceted sources of Privilege in our society

  • Creates an understanding of how Privilege operates

  • Provides relationship-based solutions

  • Calls for co-responsibility from all parties

  • Relies on an experiential learning methodology

  • ​Opens a pathway for creating true Belonging 

3 Key Takeaways (please include knowledge, skills and/or coaching techniques):  

1. Understand how power and privilege operate in society and the workplace.

2. Learn about internal work and relationship skill-building that needs to be done to prepare to engage more successfully and create an inclusive culture.

3. The importance of the ByStander Role and how to skillfully occupy it. 

About Quantum Culture

Quantum Culture is bold new approach to diversity that has had a positive and powerful impact in government, non-profit, educational, and business sectors. This collaborative venture is lead by:

Alexsandra Lantigua, ORSCC, PCC

Alexsandra is an executive coach, facilitator, and trainer whose work empowers organizations to build equitable dynamic systems and inclusive cultures through conscious leadership. In addition to Quantum Culture, she is the founder and CEO of StarSeeds, a coaching and consulting practice, and DragonFlyers, where she opens up a new frontier for leaders and teams, and a founding member of the Curriculum and Facilitation team at Paradox (​prdx.co​).Alexsandra has worked globally and has an international client base of leaders that stand for change, give back to their communities, and positively impact culture and society. She is a faculty member at Coactive (CTI), The Center for Right Relationship, and a lead trainer of the Evocative Leadership Mastery program at the Ehama Institute.

Alexsandra can be reached at alexsandra.starseeds@gmail.com. 

Grace Flannery, MS, PCC, ORSCC

Grace is a leadership coach, consultant, and trainer who helps clients successfully address power and privilege challenges, navigate change initiatives, improve productivity, and create equitable, impactful organizations. Grace is the founder of Leading Spirit, bringing strategic services to leaders in non-profit, for-profit, and public benefit organizations. She is also the co-founder of Quantum Culture, whose model of Power and Privilege represents a bold new approach to diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Grace is a senior faculty member at CRRGlobal (The Center for Right Relationship.)

We are devastated that our inspiring friend and fellow coach, Grace Flannery, passed away in October 2020, shortly after she shared her gifts with us in July and September 2020 training sessions. If you are so moved, please consider making a memorial donation to support her work with birth mothers, the LGBTQ+ community or Planned Parenthood

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