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Ready to have a greater impact with your clients and make the world a better place?  ICF Gulf Coast offers a robust series of virtual events, including webinars, roundtable discussions, Special Interest Groups (SiGs) and other opportunities to grow your coaching skills.

All Gulf Coast chapter webinar listed times are in US Central time (New Orleans). Please convert to your local time zone here.

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

    • 09/30/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Zoom, Details provided in Registration Confirmation

    “You can’t change other people. You can only change yourself.” It's a truism. Only it’s not true. 

    In fact, if you’re a leader or a manager in an organization - if you’re a coach - you have to change other people. It’s your job. If you’re a parent, it’s your job too. And if you care about the people in your life who aren’t reaching their potential or, worse, are acting in self-destructive ways, it’s your longing. 

    The problem isn’t that you can’t change other people, the problem is that the things you do and say to try to change them don’t work because you’re doing and saying the wrong things. In fact, most likely you’re having the opposite effect. 

    What does work? That’s the focus of this session. We’ll look at the 4 fundamentals that need to exist for people to make sustainable change, and we’ll share the Four Steps - the straightforward, methodical, and replicable process for reliably helping other people change. 

    Key Takeaways 

    • Understand why it’s been so difficult to help other people change - and what we typically do that makes it even harder.
    • Identify the 4 powers people need to make sustainable change.
    • Learn the Four Steps - the straightforward and replicable process for reliably helping other people change. 

    This webinar has been awarded 1.0 Core Competency and 0.5 Resource Development CCEUs by the International Coaching Federation. 

    About Peter Bregman

    Peter Bregman is the CEO of Bregman Partners. He coaches, writes, teaches, and speaks, mostly about leadership and also about life. His sweet spot is as a strategic thought partner to successful people who care about being exceptional leaders and stellar human beings.

    Peter is recognized as the #1 executive coach in the world by Leading Global Coaches. He coaches C-level executives in many of the world’s premier organizations, including Citi, CBS, Mars, Showtime, AMC Networks, Allianz, Electronic Arts, Pearson, and Twilio, to name a few. He is also a ski coach on the weekends in the winter (but definitely not the #1 ski coach in the world).

    Peter is the best-selling author of five books including Leading with Emotional Courage and 18 Minutes. His work appears frequently in Harvard Business Review, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, Psychology Today, and Forbes. He has also been featured on CNN and NPR.

    Peter created and leads the #1 leadership development program in the world, the Bregman Leadership Intensive, and trains leaders and managers on the Four Steps through the Bregman Leadership Coach Training program.

    Peter is the host of the Bregman Leadership Podcast, with over 1.5 million downloads. He has given four TEDx talks and regularly delivers keynotes for associations like SHRM and companies, including Coca-Cola, the Discovery Network, L’Oréal, Deloitte, and Fidelity, among others.

    Peter earned his M.B.A. from Columbia University and his B.A. from Princeton University.

    Peter lives in New York City with his wife, three kids, and new puppy, Maeve (his first dog ever). He reads, runs, skis, bikes, hikes, and tries to follow his own advice.

    He can be reached at www.bregmanpartners.com.

    About Howie Jacobson

    Howie Jacobson, PhD, is an executive coach to clients ranging from startup founders to established and rising Fortune 100 leaders. He is director of coaching at Bregman Partners and head coach at the Healthy Minds Initiative.

    Howie is the author of AdWords For Dummies; coauthor of Sick to Fit and Use the Weight to Lose the Weight, with Josh LaJaunie; contributing author to Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition and The Low Carb Fraud, both by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.; and Proteinaholic by Garth Davis, M.D. Howie’s writings have also appeared in Fast Company and Harvard Business Review.

    He hosts the Plant Yourself Podcast, where he interviews remarkable people engaged in healing at the individual, insti- tutional, and planetary level.

    Howie earned his M.P.H. and Ph.D. in Health Studies from Temple University and his B.A. from Princeton University.

    He lives in rural North Carolina with his wife, where he writes, gardens, plays Ultimate Frisbee, runs, fiddles, and loads the dishwasher correctly.

    His mission includes helping kind and generous people grow their capability and scale their influence, sharing the joys of a healthy life, and reintroducing people to their most authentic, best selves. He can be reached at www. askHowie.com

    • 10/14/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Zoom, Details provided in Part 2 of your Registration

    While most coaches believe that emotions are important in coaching, they often lack a simple, practical way to bring them into their client conversations. This concise session will introduce you to a new interpretation of emotions, a simple method for understanding their meaning and purpose, and practical ways to integrate them into your coaching. Your comfort with emotions will increase which will allow you to easily and organically use them as a coaching tool. You will find that working with emotions directly can deepen and shorten your coaching and often produces more sustained results.

    Learning objectives:

    1.    A new, practical interpretation of emotions that allows you to easily see the logic of emotions and leverage them as a coaching tool

    2.    How to reframe emotions as an ally rather than an adversary and how they can be trusted to support and guide you

    3.    Dan’s Emotions-Centered Coaching model and a live demonstration showing how it is used

    The following ICF Competencies will be covered:

    ·  Active listening

    ·  Powerful questioning

    ·  Creating awareness

    Presenter Bio:

    DanNewby, PCC is a champion for Emotional Literacy, and works with leaders, educators, and coaches worldwide. His passion is helping emotional literacy become common sense and emotions a tool for daily use.

    He has authored four books on emotional literacy and its application to coaching. He regularly leads his course Emotions-Centered Coaching for coaches and “people who support people” including leaders, therapists, educators, faith leaders, and parents.

    He has worked with leaders in the U.S., Germany, Italy, El Salvador, Mexico, Slovakia, UK, Singapore and Canada. He often combines individual and group work and is the originator of Emotions-Centered Coaching.

    Dan also created The School of Emotions with Lucy Núñez (business partner and wife) to offer learning and resources to anyone interested in developing their emotional literacy. Dan believes all humans have an innate capacity for emotional learning. School of Emotions offers books, games, webinars, and courses suitable for beginner or advanced learners. Coaches, leaders, educators, safety professionals, or individuals wanting to grow in their ability to understand, articulate, and use emotions as a tool will find what they need. If it doesn’t already exist, Dan and Lucy will collaborate on its creation. For coaches, you’ll find courses and certifications in Emotions-Centered Coaching and for leaders, you’ll find coaching and mentoring focused on emotions as a leadership competence. Learn more and read his blog here


    $10.00  ICF Global Member & ICF Gulf Coast Members 

    $20.00  Non-ICF Guests

    PLEASE NOTE: You will need to complete a two-part registration for webinars in the Southeast Regional series. Part 1 will be on the ICF Gulf Coast website, followed by part 2 with the sponsoring ICF chapter. You'll receive a link to the webinar after both parts are complete.

    • 11/17/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Zoom, Details provided in Registration Confirmation

    Has a line of poetry ever inspired you? Provided solace? Challenged your thinking? This presentation is designed to offer you an experience of working with a variety of poems (and poets) that you can potentially offer to your clients as a way to invoke, evoke and provoke. You will be provided several poems that are relevant to coaching, given a brief background on the poet, and offered ways that you might incorporate the poem into your coaching. Poetry can open the door to rich coaching conversations that might not otherwise have been possible. This program supports the Core Competencies of creating awareness (7) and facilitating growth (8).

    This webinar has been awarded 1.0 Core Competency and 0.5 Resource Development CCEUs by the International Coaching Federation.

    About Barbara Brantham

    Barbara Braham, Ph.D., MCC, is an executive/leadership coach who takes a developmental approach to working with leaders and their teams. She served on the faculty of the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Certificate program for a dozen years, where she taught a class on stages of development and coaching. She currently facilitates a monthly webinar series for coaches on how poetry can be an effective coaching move. She also leads a year-long Death School which helps people prepare for their dying. An accomplished author, she has written eleven books.

    About Chris Wahl

    Chris Wahl, MCC, is an executive coach whose clients include C-Suite leaders and their teams, as well as coaches who want to deepen their craft by knowing themselves better. Chris was the founder and creator of the Leadership Coaching Program at Georgetown University, where she directed the program for 14 years and continued to teach Team Development as well as Adult Development, all for a total of 20 years. As a certified developmental coach through the Interdevelopmental Institute, and  a certified scorer of the Maturity Assessment Profile, Chris helps coaches and clients understand their personal journey of development and the transitions they may experience. Chris has authored two books, been a podcast interviewer and interviewee, and a frequent speaker at conferences. Most recently, she has partnered with Barbara Braham to offer ICF-certified poetry webinars entitled “Poetry as a Coaching Move."

Continuing Coaching Education Units

Many of the programs offered by our Chapter qualify for Continuing Coaching Education Units (CCEUs) through ICF Headquarters. 

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It is the responsibility of attendees to keep track of their CCEU certificates. However, it is possible to request replacements for lost certificates. For replacement cost and more information, please contact our events coordinator at events@icfgulfcoast.com.

Annual workshop

Each year in March, the ICF Gulf Coast Chapter hosts a face-to-face workshop in a great location within our service area. Even though most of our development opportunities happen online, we believe in the special relationships that being co-located with colleagues uniquely provides. Look for our announcements about the annual workshop in the spring of each year.

Opportunities to assist with this amazing event abound! Please reach out to events@icfgulfcoast.com and ask about being part of the annual workshop planning committee.

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