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Upcoming events

Ready to have a greater impact with your clients and make the world a better place?  ICF Gulf Coast offers a robust series of virtual events, including webinars, roundtable discussions, Special Interest Groups (SiGs) and other opportunities to grow your coaching skills.

All Gulf Coast chapter webinar listed times are in US Central time (New Orleans). Please convert to your local time zone here.

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

    • 06/16/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (CDT)
    • Zoom, Details provided in Registration Confirmation

    Translate theory to practice with practical takeaways you can use tomorrow in this hands-on learn-shop session. Explore the promises, pitfalls and everything in between when it comes to taking notes while coaching. Learn and dialogue about the benefits to clients and to your coaching practice through both experiences and research. All viewpoints on the topic are welcome. This session will include custom-designed tools, tips and a few how to's that have been tested "in the field" with coaching client partners by an experienced Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Each tool was designed by the presenter who has a professional commitment to share her resources with one caveat: take her work, make further improvements and share these revisions back! What’s a Coaching Map and how might it anchor both the coaching relationship and journey? What important connections exist between the ICF ethics and regulations when taking notes? How do you set up the initial contract with clients effectively when it comes to note-taking? How do notes contribute to the ongoing development of one’s coaching competence? Participants will leave with their own perspective on how notes fit within their coaching practice and development and have a few templates to get them started.

    Objectives: By the end of this session, as participants, you will be able to:

    1. strengthen your coaching partnership through the use of note-taking tools and techniques

    2. uphold ICF ethical and regulatory standards when note-taking

    3. learn about, explore and practice with custom, effective note-taking tools

    This webinar has been approved for 1.5 Core Competency CCEUs.

    About Kelly Johnson

    Kelly Johnson, MA (Leadership), is a Certified Executive Coach with a PCC designation from the International Coaching Federation who practices Leadership, Executive, Team, Implementation and Presentation Coaching. She has applied her coaching expertise to partnering with executive, senior and system leaders in the public and private sectors, specifically in government, education, post-secondary education, non-profit, health, communication, publishing and business. As a full-time leadership coach in government, Kelly was previously certified in facilitating tools such as the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) where her interest in note-taking in coaching partnerships began. Currently, working full time with international thought leader Franklin Covey Inc., Kelly provides facilitation of the 7Habits of Highly Effective People, one-on-one and team coaching and custom professional learning in leadership, coaching, and organizational development at all levels. As a professional educator, human resource professional and real estate investor, Kelly brings passion, energy, and innovation to her coaching. It’s no surprise that her personal vision is to live a most passionate life and change the world. Kelly’s coaching presence is described as laser-focused, energetic, feet-to-the-fire, inspiring and driven. She commits to connect clients to their passion, align them with their values and hold them capable of their commitments to action such that each realizes a self-determined professional and personal landscape in which they capably release their unique greatness and achieve compelling results.

    • 06/24/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CDT)
    • Zoom dial in information provided in confirmation email

    When have you been an ally?

    When have you been grateful to have an ally? 

    What would help you be a stronger ally for diversity and inclusion in your community or your coaching? 

    What does authentic allyship look like?

    In June we recognize Pride month with a discussion of allyship. Allyship is the attention that members of an ingroup bring to supporting the inclusion, rights and concerns of a marginalized group. But simply, it’s one of the ways we care for each other and put our shoulders together to lift each other up. In June’s story circle, we will talk about our experiences and concerns with doing just that.

    These meetings are open and free to local members of the ICF Gulf Coast Chapter. 
    Your co-hosts will be ICF Gulf Coast members Raymond Osbun and Alice Walker
    • 07/14/2021
    • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (CDT)
    • Zoom dial in information provided in confirmation email

    Anxiety is a two-edged emotion that can be a motivator as well as a productivity disrupter.

    By understanding some of the fundamentals of anxiety manifestation, Executive Coaches can inspire leaders to develop anxiety coping methods.  Starting with the article published in the Harvard Business Review entitled “Leading Through Anxiety” by Morra Aarons Mele, the facilitator leads discussions of the roots of anxiety and what a leader must do to cope with their anxieties.

    ICF Gulf Coast member Chuck Blohowiak, PCC, facilitates a discussion where participants explore the anxiety emotion, gain an understanding of anxiety coping methods, and develop coaching conversations with their clients.  Participants are strongly encouraged to obtain the article for pre-reading of the topic to be discussed.  Go to the Harvard Business Review site for additional information.

    Participants will:

    1.  Understand foundations of the anxiety emotion
    2. Explore anxiety triggers and tells
    3. Identify coping methods for their own anxiety emotions
    4.  Inspire client’s development of anxiety coping methods 

    This session has been approved for 1.0 Core Competency and 0.5 Resource Development CCEUs.

    • 08/12/2021
    • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (CDT)
    • Zoom, Details provided in Part 2 of your Registration

    Habits are our brain's go to tool to tackle almost any goal or task, which is why helping your clients get in the driver’s seat of their habit-making machinery can be a game changer.

    Participants will walk away with everything you need to help your clients know to start making measurable change. Just like learning how to play the piano, learning how to form positive habits is a skill set. Attendees will learn concrete strategies and habit-building systems that will de-mystify why habit-building and behavior change are so hard, and how you can help your client overcome their internal obstacles.

    In the presentation, we will: 

    • Start with conversation around habits -- why they matter, why your brain automatically creates them.
    • Move into the basics of neuroplasticity and how the brain rewires itself.
    • Introduce challenges the brain has with motivation and willpower
    • Have a discussion about the five top reasons why mini-habits are such a powerful tool.
    • Have participants experience making their own habit-tracking system to use in their own habits that they want to create.
    • Have participants bring up specific situations where they're trying to coach a client through behavior change and workshop the challenges. 


    Key Learning Objectives:

    Participants will be able to walk their clients through a habit planning process and be their guide as they flexibly implement the plan. 

    Participants will receive a deep understanding of the latest science of behavior change, including the neuroscience behind such change as well as how to support their clients through the setbacks and obstacles of the first two months of habit implementation. 

    They'll also walk away with the ability to help their clients apply concrete tools in their life such as habit tracking, habit stacking, and how implementing new evidence-based tools to break bad habits such as "Adding Friction" and "Habit Substitution" will increase their clients' skills and confidence at effectively changing their own behaviors.

    Presenter Bio:

    James Garrett is a brain coach, brainhacker, and founder of Brain by Design. He’s spoken on stages ranging from Harvard to TEDx and his work has been featured by The New York Times, FastCompany, and Harvard Business Review. He spent years doing research with some of the best psychologists in the world at Columbia, Tufts, and Yale. He's a content creator and course builder and his course on the science of coaching has been rated as one of the best courses for coaches and is currently certified by ICF for continuing coach education credits. He's a certified coach through the Whole Fit coaching program. He also built one of the only brain-based positive psychology curricula in the Middle East and trained thousands of Arab youth in partnership with Queen Rania of Jordan. A rare combination of scientist, trainer, and entrepreneur, in 2019 James launched the Deep Change Project, a personal journey to discover what’s possible at the outer edges of neuroplasticity and to overcome fear.


    $10.00  ICF Global Member & ICF Gulf Coast Members 

    $20.00  Non-ICF Guests

    PLEASE NOTE: You will need to complete a two-part registration for webinars in the Southeast Regional series. Part 1 will be on the ICF Gulf Coast website, followed by part 2 with the sponsoring ICF chapter. You'll receive a link to the webinar after both parts are complete.

    • 10/14/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (CDT)
    • Zoom, Details provided in Part 2 of your Registration

    While most coaches believe that emotions are important in coaching, they often lack a simple, practical way to bring them into their client conversations. This concise session will introduce you to a new interpretation of emotions, a simple method for understanding their meaning and purpose, and practical ways to integrate them into your coaching. Your comfort with emotions will increase which will allow you to easily and organically use them as a coaching tool. You will find that working with emotions directly can deepen and shorten your coaching and often produces more sustained results.

    Learning objectives:

    1.    A new, practical interpretation of emotions that allows you to easily see the logic of emotions and leverage them as a coaching tool

    2.    How to reframe emotions as an ally rather than an adversary and how they can be trusted to support and guide you

    3.    Dan’s Emotions-Centered Coaching model and a live demonstration showing how it is used

    The following ICF Competencies will be covered:

    ·  Active listening

    ·  Powerful questioning

    ·  Creating awareness

    Presenter Bio:

    DanNewby, PCC is a champion for Emotional Literacy, and works with leaders, educators, and coaches worldwide. His passion is helping emotional literacy become common sense and emotions a tool for daily use.

    He has authored four books on emotional literacy and its application to coaching. He regularly leads his course Emotions-Centered Coaching for coaches and “people who support people” including leaders, therapists, educators, faith leaders, and parents.

    He has worked with leaders in the U.S., Germany, Italy, El Salvador, Mexico, Slovakia, UK, Singapore and Canada. He often combines individual and group work and is the originator of Emotions-Centered Coaching.

    Dan also created The School of Emotions with Lucy Núñez (business partner and wife) to offer learning and resources to anyone interested in developing their emotional literacy. Dan believes all humans have an innate capacity for emotional learning. School of Emotions offers books, games, webinars, and courses suitable for beginner or advanced learners. Coaches, leaders, educators, safety professionals, or individuals wanting to grow in their ability to understand, articulate, and use emotions as a tool will find what they need. If it doesn’t already exist, Dan and Lucy will collaborate on its creation. For coaches, you’ll find courses and certifications in Emotions-Centered Coaching and for leaders, you’ll find coaching and mentoring focused on emotions as a leadership competence. Learn more and read his blog here


    $10.00  ICF Global Member & ICF Gulf Coast Members 

    $20.00  Non-ICF Guests

    PLEASE NOTE: You will need to complete a two-part registration for webinars in the Southeast Regional series. Part 1 will be on the ICF Gulf Coast website, followed by part 2 with the sponsoring ICF chapter. You'll receive a link to the webinar after both parts are complete.

Continuing Coaching Education Units

Many of the programs offered by our Chapter qualify for Continuing Coaching Education Units (CCEUs) through ICF Headquarters. 

Attendees receive documentation of attendance by email after the event.

It is the responsibility of attendees to keep track of their CCEU certificates. However, it is possible to request replacements for lost certificates. For replacement cost and more information, please contact our events coordinator at events@icfgulfcoast.com.

Annual workshop

Each year in March, the ICF Gulf Coast Chapter hosts a face-to-face workshop in a great location within our service area. Even though most of our development opportunities happen online, we believe in the special relationships that being co-located with colleagues uniquely provides. Look for our announcements about the annual workshop in the spring of each year.

Opportunities to assist with this amazing event abound! Please reach out to events@icfgulfcoast.com and ask about being part of the annual workshop planning committee.

Registration Fees

Costs vary depending on the program length, type, and venue.  Gulf Coast Chapter members generally receive a discount on all program fees. 

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